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Film3 Color Changing Mug - Right Hand

Film3 Color Changing Mug - Right Hand

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Embody Film3 this season! 

One look at this Mug you'll realize that it is a must have for you.  It's comfortable and stylish, perfect for anyone who likes to be on top of the trends.

Celebrate the magic of your morning routine with the Color Changing Mug – where you're beverage transforms, and so does your day. Create an enchanting experience with every pour. Get surprised every time you drink coffee by ordering it now!

- 11 oz. color-changing mug, adding an element of surprise and delight to your beverage experience
- Heat resistant, allowing the mug's captivating color transformation to occur seamlessly with hot liquids
- Designed to be microwave safe, allowing for quick and convenient heating of your drinks without compromising the mug's integrity
- Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, providing a hassle-free solution to keep the mug spotless and ready for repeated use
- Ergonomically designed with a C-handle, offering a comfortable grip and ease of use while sipping your favorite beverages
- We use sublimation printing for long-lasting and vibrant results, ensuring your mug remains a delightful and personalized addition to your daily routine

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